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Do you own a house, a vacation house, a second house, or a house just because you love investing in real estate?

The first step towards becoming financial independent is investing in income producing asset. Of course, putting your money in a second house and renting it out can prove to be a very good and effective option. But we would often hear homeowners and landlords complaining about their tenants for not paying the rent and not leaving their premises. This means the homeowner is stuck with his house occupied while he fetches no rent and hence no income.

At such times it is essential for him to be calm and act swiftly but appropriately. A lot of times, home owners will take it upon themselves to get the tenant off their property. This would often mean the landlord or homeowner changing the locks, raising the rent in a discriminatory fashion, cutting off the utilities to the property and many such acts. Please refrain from doing so. Instead, take appropriate steps and follow the procedures lawfully and you will be surprised to see the same process done much smoother and faster with less stress and strain to you. In a number of cases if the right procedures you can move to evict the tenant if the rent is as little as 30 days past due.

If you are in a similar situation please contact our office and schedule an appointment and we will be more than happy to put our resources and expertise at your disposal.

New to town? Just rented a house, an apartment unit, or similar living arrangement? Is your Landlord harassing you? We can HELP !

Just as there are tenants who do not pay rent and do not leave premises, there are Landlords who ill treat their tenants. By law, tenants are entitled to certain basic facilities and landlords are required to provide these.. Such situations may occur when a landlord is discriminatory, retaliatory, or just someone who does not take proper care of their property and does not maintain it. If your landlord attempts to stop or cut off such services he is not entitled to any rent for such periods of time.

So if you are in a situation where you are behind on your rent and your Landlord is harassing you may be able to avoid your eviction. This will at the least buy you sometime to get your act together and find another suitable place to fit your needs.


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