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Immigration reforms

The Immigration Reforms Bill or the Border Security Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act is perhaps the most popular and viral topic in news after President Obama's new Health Care Plan. This bill is approximately 1200 pages long with a number of amendments to modern day Immigration law. This bill due to its nature and content would have a wide spread effect on the social, political and economic structures of this country.

The Obama administration rightly realizes that there are about 11 million illegal immigrants in United States today with no Visas and no legal status what so ever. This overwhelming volume of illegal immigrants has posed a challenge for the government in terms of controlling the criminal activities both by and against such residents, and providing social and economic welfare for this class of people. Often such people face a lot of hardship due to low discriminatory wages, poor living conditions, few opportunities for their children and many such situations.

Some important highlights of this bill are as follows

• Strengthening our borders and Border control reforms

• Mandatory e verify or I9 forms for employers to check their employee's legal status

• Changes in visa regulations to help those legally waiting in line for visas

• Changes in laws for petitions for Green cards or permanent resident status.

• Addition of a new visa category called the W Visa for non skilled labor

• Creating an independent body to monitor the labor market each year and decide the numberof

• Visas to be allotted in each category.

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